284+ IELTS Exam Telegram Group Link List 2023

Are you searching for IELTS telegram group, then you are in right place. Here we have shared best telegram group link for IELTS with very different types categories to make your study better. Many students want to test his skills so they give International English Language Testing System to test his knowledge about English.

This exam is not only for one country students but other countries students also give this exam. IELTS is major platform for testing your English skills. As you all guys are know that English language is very important for all to know. All the IELTS group on telegram is given below.

Best IELTS 2023 Telegram Group

Here are the best IELTS Telegram group in 2023 based on popularity. You can join these groups very easily with our shared link which are given in right side of the table. International English Language Testing System is very popular test in all over the world.

Group NameJoining Link
IELTS TutorialsGroup Link
IELTS Discussion GroupGroup Link
buddy’s discussGroup Link
Asad Yaqub IELTSGroup Link
KB IELTS familyGroup Link
Lizcom English GroupGroup Link
International English Language GroupGroup Link
Reading Band 9 TestingGroup Link
Coaching Square TelegramGroup Link
English Language TestingGroup Link
GUIDES KERALA Only for KeralitesGroup Link

Material Telegram Group For IELTS

If you are giving IELTS exam and searching for materila then you should join telegram group for that which are given below. You should join the groups with our shared link and study well for International English Language Testing System.

Group NameJoining Link
Practice Online | IELTS MaterialsGroup Link
Bullseye IELTS Study MaterialGroup Link
Material Bank on telegramGroup Link
English study materialsGroup Link
India Studies English GroupGroup Link
Study king englishGroup Link
English by Amy sir at Exampur ( doubt group)Group Link

IELTS Speaking Telegram Group

Many peoples learn English but they hard in speaking English. Telegram group can helps you for IELTS because group are providing voice chat feature for all the member. You can practice with voice chat feature with group members and you can speaking English very fast.

Group NameJoining Link
Speaking Zone for IELTSGroup Link
Speaking Group EnglishGroup Link
All Speaking Practice TogetherGroup Link
IELTS Speaking Practice GroupGroup Link
Speaking Club on Telegram | PracticeGroup Link
CANADA sept 2023 ielts speakingGroup Link
Daily IELTS speakingGroup Link
English Speaking loverGroup Link
IELTS Speaking HubGroup Link
Speaking | LIVEGroup Link

IELTS Writing Telegram Group

Want to join IELTS telegram writing group because Crammers are really important in English. With help of these groups you can communicate with IELTS students and improve your English writing system.

Group NameJoining Link
IELTS Writing PracticeGroup Link
Daily IELTS writing evaluationGroup Link
Writing Essays | PracticeGroup Link
English Practice writing specialGroup Link
International English Writing – LinguHubGroup Link

IELTS Preparation Telegram Group

For passing any exam you need to prepare well for that exam. So these are best Preparation telegram group for IELTS. International English Language Testing System is very important for all, so you need to prepare well for that. All the group links are given below with their joining link.

Group NameJoining Link
IELTS PreparationGroup Link
English Language Quiz GroupGroup Link
IELTS Preparation TelegramGroup Link
English Testing and Prep 2023Group Link
IELTS Preparation GroupGroup Link
Top scorer’s preparation groupGroup Link

How to join IELTS Telegram Group

Are you facing any issue to join any IELTS telegram group with our provided link. Then must follow these steps which we are shared in a list.

IELTS telegram group
  • Just click on Join Now which are on right side of your favorite group.
  • It will redirect you on telegram app.
  • Click join button which are given below on telegram.
  • You are joined that particular Group Or Channel.

Some IELTS Group Rules On Telegram

Before joining any shared group, You need to read the rules first.

  • Be peaceful, respect each other.
  • Only talk about IELTS and English learning related chats.
  • If you facing any problem about the group then talk to admin.
  • Always try to be helpful with each other.
  • Link spamming is totally ban and do not promote any group or channel.

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