389+ Gay Telegram Group Link & Channel List 2023

In this post you will get many types of Gay Telegram Groups and their links to join. All the groups provide a safe space for individuals to interact, discuss various topics.

Telegram groups for gay have become increasingly popular among the gay community as a means of connecting, sharing experiences, and seeking support. In groups members can engage in conversations, ask questions, and receive advice from others who have been through similar situations.

Active Gay Telegram Groups Link

If you are searching for best gay group link for telegram then you are in right post. Because we have searched many times and find the best telegram group link for gay which are only made for gay in 2022. All the groups with joining links are shared below.

chat 223
Gay Support Group
Get some much needed love and support in your gay life. | Group Members – 5,200+ Join Link
chat 22
American Gay Chat
Hi everyone. Welcome to the group | Group Members – 1,600+ Join Link
Chat 31
Gays dating american uk hot chatting
Usa uk Germany gay | Group Members – 5,100+ Join Link
Chat 21
Asian Gay Chat
You can speak in your own language in this group | Group Members – 2,600+ Join Link
Snapchat 5
Use English please! | Group Members – 16,000+ Join Link
Chat 11
Gujarat Gay Group (GIG)
We are Painting india rainbow one gujju at a time | Group Members – 3,900+ Join Link
Snapchat 1
Gay Imperial Chatroom
Group Members – 1,600+ Join Link
Travel 14
Gay friends (Clean gaygroup)
Welcome to our Gay Group. Please read the rules and Don’t forget to have fun | Group Members – 100+ Join Link
Travel 21
A group for sharing links to other groups for people to join.| Group Members – 9,400+ Join Link
Chat 11
Gay English Sharing Links
Welcome to my sharing link groups. | Group Members – 2,600+ Join Link
chat 6
Mumbai Gay Group
Group Members – 5,600+ Join Link
Travel 1
Friends Chatting
Kisi ne bakwas ki ya gandagi felai grp me to direct ban..| Group Members – 2,000+ Join Link
Chat 4
Friends Forever
Welcome to Friends Forever Group | Group Members – 3,200+ Join Link
BTS 51
Coimbatore Gay Chat Room
Group Members – 2,300+ Join Link
BTS 12
Global Gay Chat
Welcome to your group | Group Members – 2,800+ Join Link

You can also join :-

Gay Telegram Channels

Many users searching best gay channel links for telegram in 2022 and you can join the channels very easily. We have shared different types of telegram channels for gay. You just need to join your favorite channel and get always updated.

friends 6 2
Uk Gay Groups Lobby
Welcome channel for Uk Gays groups | Channel Subscribers – 2,000+ Join Link
friends 6 1
Gay Memes
Enjoy gay memes | Channel Subscribers – 750+ Join Link
friends 1
Gay Movie Town
Welcome to Gay Movie Town | Channel Subscribers – 17,400+ Join Link
Game 10
Gay Men On Line – News
Talking to and on behalf of all gay men. | Channel Subscribers – 350+ Join Link
Game 4
Gay India Channel
Channel Subscribers – 2,700+ Join Link
Snapchat 6
Gay Daddies Pics
Channel Subscribers – 7,200+ Join Link
Fish 21
Attitude Lovers
बाप के सामने #अय्याशी, और हमारे सामने #बदमाशी, बेटा भूल कर भी मत करना | Channel Subscribers – 11,300+ Join Link
Audiobook 8
Channel Subscribers – 1,500+ Join Link
Tiktok 4
instagram Reels | Funny | Sad | Trending
Short Videos | Channel Subscribers – 150+ Join Link
Musica 4
Couple | Lovers memes & qoutes
Channel Subscribers – 7,400+ Join Link

Indian Gay Telegram Groups

Are you finding Indian gay groups on telegram then you dont need to go anywhere. Because you can join the groups very easily and also we have shared different groups for different cities from India. So choose your favorite and join with few simple steps.

Chat 5
Delhi Gay NCR
hottest Gay Group of India | Group Members – 7,600+ Join Link
Chat 3
Kolkata Gay Bengali
Lovely home for Bengali Boys| Group Members – 2,400+ Join Link
chat 2q
Indian Gay Chatroom
Largest Dating Group | Group Members – 5,000+ Join Link
Music 10
Mumbai Pune Nagpur Gay
Gays from all over Maharashtra, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Satara, Nashik, Aurangabad | Group Members – 3,050+ Join Link
Chat 2
Gay Kannada Chatroom
Group Members – 250+ Join Link
Music 4
Haryana Gay Group (GIG)
Group Members – 130+ Join Link
chat 1
This is platform for gays from Punjab & Haryana region | Group Members – 1,600+ Join Link
Rajasthan Gay Group
All Rajasthani people are Welcomed khamma Ghani | Group Members – 850+ Join Link

Girls And Boys Chatting Groups

With these groups you can easily interact with other girls and boys. Just join them and start chatting with each other.

Hindi English Chatting
BE POLITE AND RESPECTFUL TO EVERYONE | Group Members – 3,500+ Join Link
Indonesian & English| Group Members – 17,700+ Join Link
Friends 7 2
Any Language Is Allowed | Group Members – 3,400+ Join Link
Group Members -11,200+ Join Link
telegram e1679625671162
Hindi chat | हिंदी गपशप
Welcom To Hindi Chat| Group Members – 33,000+ Join Link
Chat 31
Bharat (भारत)
Make Friends, Respect all and Enjoy. | Group Members – 5,600+ Join Link
Chat 21
Friends Chatting
Kisi ne bakwas ki ya gandagi felai grp me to direct ban.| Group Members – 2,000+ Join Link

How to join Gay Telegram group and channel

If you dont know how can you join Gay telegram group or channel with our shared links then you should follow these steps. You can join any telegram group or channel in our post with these few simple steps.

  • We have shared Gay group and channel link in this post.
  • Just select your favorite group or channel from the list.
  • After, You need to click on “Join Link” button.
  • Then the link will redirect you on Telegram App.
  • Just click on Join Button on the opening page.
  • You easily joined that group.

Some Gay Telegram group rules

We all know that rules are very important in life and the group admins also make some group rules for the Gay telegram groups. Everyone should follow all the rules to make the group clean and useful for all the members.

  • Don’t send out irrelevant messages related to other topics.
  • Don’t take it seriously if others left.
  • Don’t add those who have no interest in Gay.
  • Don’t simply use Gay groups to share memes, videos, photographs, and news.
  • Don’t get upset if no one responds to your group messages.
  • If someone ignores your group messages, don’t lose your cool.
  • Sending big files or videos is not recommended.
  • Avoid personal conversations, wishes, etc. in Gay groups.
  • Posting any negative comments against a religion, community, or political party is not allowed.

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