437+ Games Telegram Group Link List 2023

Many users searching for Best games group links for telegram to join, So we have shared all the telegram group for different types of game in this post. You also find different platform games in this post and some best gaming groups on telegram which are very popular in 2023.

A game is any mental or physical activity with rules that is done for fun. These groups bring together gaming enthusiasts from different parts of the world. Join ItXbox Telegram Group

Game Telegram groups have gained significant popularity as a way for gamers to connect, share ideas, and discuss their favorite games. Game groups significantly contribute to the development of gaming culture, industry growth, and fostering a sense of community among gamers.

PC Games Telegram Groups

If you are searching for PC games group link for telegram then you are in right post. Because you can find different types of PC games on telegram with their joining link. There are many types of old and new PC telegram groups are given below. Join ItGTA Telegram Groups

Game 14
PC Gaming & Memes & Italian Cuisine
Welcome to the PC Gaming (& Memes) chat! | Group Members – 200+ Join Link
Game 13
PC Games Support
Group Members – 12,300+ Join Link
telegram e1679625671162
PC softwares Discuss group
Discussion group for pc softwares| Group Members – 3,600+ Join Link
Game 12
Dota 2 Chat
Group Members – 350+ Join Link
Game 11
Team Fortress 2
Welcome to Team Fortress 2. After nine years in development, hopefully it will have been worth the wait. Thanks and have fun. | Group Members – 250+ Join Link
telegram e1679625671162
Counter-Strike 1.6 Group
Group Members – 400+ Join Link
telegram e1679625671162
DESTINY 2 || Gaming Italian Group
Group Members – 2,300+ Join Link
Game 10
telegram e1679625671162
World of Warcraft
Group Members – 3,200+ Join Link

Android Game Groups On Telegram

Looking for android games group link for telegram to join and increase. Below we have shared complete list of telegram group for android games. There are many types and categories available in android games. So these are some best android games groups on telegram and joining link shared below. Join ItCoin Master Telegram Group

Game 6
All Pc and android Games­čÄ«(Discussion )
Be the part of the gaming community and you will love it. | Group Members – 500+ Join Link
Game 5
Android Gamers Ft. Andropalace
Get all Informations about Gaming on Android. | Group Members – 650+ Join Link
telegram e1679625671162
Group Members – 9,300+ Join Link
Game 4
Pokemon GO Friends
Welcome to the International Pokemon Go Friends Chat | Group Members – 58,000+ Join Link
telegram e1679625671162
Apex Legends Mobile
Group Members – 120+ Join Link
Game 8
Lords Mobile
Group created for the purpose of guiding new players or talking about issues regarding Lords Mobile. | Group Members – 1,500+ Join Link
telegram e1679625671162
Group Members – 350+ Join Link
Game 9
PUBGM Chat Group
Here you can ask for help| Group Members – 550+ Join Link
telegram e1679625671162
Mobile Gamer Discussion Group
Group Members – 850+ Join Link

Telegram Groups For PlayStation Games

If you searching Playstation games group on telegram then there are thousands of groups available. But find the best one really an difficult task. PPSSPP and PS4, PS5 games are really funny to play and everyone enjoy the games as well.

Game 7
Group Members – 200+ Join Link
Game 3
Find answers to all your questions about PlayStation! | Group Members – 1,300+ Join Link
telegram e1679625671162
PPSSPP Group [English Group]
Big group of PPSSPP Games. Just English | Group Members – 1,400+ Join Link
Game 1
PlayStation Italia [Gruppo]
PlayStation Community Contributors | Group Members – 4,400+ Join Link
Game 2
Ppsspp group
Fake games is not allowed | Group Members – 250+ Join Link
telegram e1679625671162
Play station
Group Members – 450+ Join Link

How to join Game groups on telegram?

Are you thinking that joining a gaming telegram group is very hard process then you should follow these steps to join any group shared in the post. We have make a list for you which are shared below.

  • First open the telegram app in your mobile.
  • Just click on any group shared in the post.
  • Then you will redirect on telegram app.
  • Just tap on Join button which are given below on telegram app.
  • You joined that group in just very few steps.
  • To join another just repeat these steps.

Some Game Group Rules

Many users wants to know the group rules because group rules are very important to know to everyone. All members should follow the group rules and make the group spam free and useful for all.

  • Without their permission, it is not allowed to post a person’s private photo or video in any Game group.
  • Sharing false information is totally forbidden in any Game groups.
  • Share no misleading or adult stickers in the Game group.
  • The group should not be used to post private or confidential messages.
  • NO advertising will be allowed on all the Game groups unless approved by admins.
  • Don’t add random people who have no interest in Game.
  • Do not send memes, videos, images, or news on Game groups.
  • If someone ignores your group messages, don’t lose your cool.

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